Our Tail

We wondered; can a dog lead design get humans as excited as our waggy-tailed friends when it’s time for a W.A.L.K?

I’m Andrea, founder of HI JAC. Together with my Chief Inspiration Officer, Andre the Chihuahua, we set out to create a range of unique, stylish, functional and sustainable pet products.

Introducing our first co-creation, the HI JAC dog lead range

The conventional strap style dog lead squishes human hands when doggo pulls and gets extra energetic or a whiff of something exciting. Retractable dog leads lack style and a smooth, comfortable grip.

HI JAC leads ooze their own style and feel amazing in your hand with a focus on not harming the environment.

You can sit, stay and watch how we do it below:


We combined a terrific trio of local Sydney businesses who are all committed to our cause to make sustainable pet products. So, let’s hear 3 barks for:

People & Things

Industrial designers who took our brief and ran with it to create our signature, ergonomic HI JAC handle design.

Sustainable Salons

Planet savers who collect used shampoo and conditioner bottles from Sydney’s participating salons, turning them into a reusable raw material for our handle.

Defy Design
Specialise in local small batch production here in Sydney so that each dog lead gets the attention it deserves before it arrives into the hands of every dog-loving eco-warrior in town.

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