Teaching the old milkman new tricks 🥛Plus, the smelly work behind saving endangered animals


Most mornings, you’ll find me nose pressed against the window, waiting to bark at the postie. That’s why I’m wagging my tail to the news milkmen are making a comeback. But there are a few more reasons to celebrate.
Every year in Australia, 30,000 tonnes of plastic milk bottles end up in landfill. The old-school milkman’s glass bottles can be reused up to 20 times! Now, that’s how you Play nice with the Planet™!
We might need to teach the old milkman some new tricks though. Any chance of putting oat, soy, almond, macadamia and coconut milk on the menu for our plant-based pals?  
During the pandemic, some milkmen and women saw a 600% increase in customers as people wanted their milk without mingling. In London, Ella Shone’s Topup Truck became a regular sight, delivering plastic-free goodies to locked down residents. Meanwhile, Milk & More has a fleet of electric vans to deliver their range, which goes way beyond milk to include fresh, baked and storecupboard treats.
And milkmen aren’t the only ones surprising us doggos with silent eco house calls. Royal Mail in the UK and Deutsche Post in Germany have started using EV vans to deliver the mail. Check out Royal Mail’s adorable wheels.
I’m crossing my paws for more of these eco door-to-door services and electric vehicles. Wonder if they also sell zero waste dog biscuits?

‘Andre, we hear so much about the future of transport, from electric cars to EV bikes. But how will tomorrow’s trailblazing mutts get around?'
Great question! While I love the idea of a hound hoverboard for its squirrel-chasing potential, I don’t think it’d get the okay from my human. You mention EV bikes, now there’s an idea. I reckon our furry friends of the future will be riding in style alongside their humans in a comfy E-bike-friendly dog carrier.  

Can just picture myself with the wind in my fur in this stylish little number.


  1. Another new trick for the milkman - Remilk's cow free dairy milk {link}
  2. Silent EV bikes sneak up on poachers in South Africa {link}
  3. Give a bee a break this International Bee Day with bee-free honey {link}



It’s not only EV bikes out there saving wildlife, us dogs play a part too. Special conservation canines sniff out endangered animals’ poo. Researchers use this unlikely treasure to gather information and give those animals the best chance of survival.

Keep your hi-tech instruments and tools, all we need is a full belly and a clean nose. It’s smelly work but someone’s got to do it. We’re just happy to help a bumblebee out.



Precious Plastic, Melbourne

A family-owned social enterprise working to ‘nurture a grassroots recycling movement across Australia’. They help businesses, communities and schools move towards a circular, waste-free future with machinery, moulds, tools, product design and lots of creative oomph!

Check out their recycled plastic crate. It’d be perfect for an e-bike grocery run, storing your sports gear or parking your furry’s rear end.   


That's all for this month, I'm off to hitch a ride on my humans e-bike!

See you in June.

Howling out,