Take a Walk in Mango Shoes 🥭 Plus, ways to slash your food waste

I had a pow-wow with a mate in the park the other day. We were chewing the fat on the future. I was wondering how he'd go with an increase in temp, being longhaired and all. My buddy didn't seem worried.
He said, "Sometimes the weatherman predicts sunny, walk in the park weather, but then it rains cats and dogs! So how can they predict climate change 50 years from now if they can't get next week's weather right?"
So, I explained dog to dog.
"There's a big difference between climate and weather, Max.
Weather is the atmosphere's behaviour over a short period of time; climate is how the atmosphere behaves over much longer stretches.
For weather, imagine playing ball with hundreds of tennis balls thrown in the air; each represents a different factor like wind, humidity, cloud formation, temperature and sunshine.
Scientists constantly track these factors, and each one varies constantly.
If one ball hits another, this alters the pattern, impacting the direction of the other balls, so the weather can vary in a matter of moments.
So, we think we're good for a week of walks in the park, but then it rains cats and dogs. 
For climate, imagine big data on cat memes. Since the early days of the internet, we have data showing the number of cat memes uploaded over all these years.
It hurts me to say, but unless something dramatic happens, like all cats move to Mars, we can predict they will continue to dominate the internet based on trends shown in the data.
It's the same for climate; scientists look at big data sets and trends to predict how the weather will behave in the long term, not on any given day.
Take your walks in the park; we can see from the data that the more you visit the park, the more you pee at your favourite tree.
Likewise, Scientists can see that the more CO2 we pump into the atmosphere, the higher the global temperature rises as a result.
It's like when we follow our noses on a walk; we dart all over the place, sniffing, stopping, scratching, and pooping. But our humans hold the leash and follow a predictable path – check this clip out; it explains it perfectly."
So there you have it, folks, tennis balls, cat memes, walks in the park and peeing on trees sums it all up.


Some of the food humans throw away most are milk, potatoes, cheese and apples. Sounds like the beginnings of an excellent snack!

But number one on the list of grub that ends up in the trash? Bread. In the UK alone, 20 million slices are thrown away every day.

That’s 10 million peanut butter sandwiches gone to waste. It’s enough to make you howl!
If you’re looking at a fridge of random odds and ends, check out this handy tool that’ll turn your leftovers into delicious grub.


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'Andre, I've heard that food waste is one of the biggest bad guys in the climate crisis.  How can I reduce the amount of grub I throw away?'

You're right! Roughly one-third of the food produced for human consumption is wasted. Not only are we using precious energy to make the nosh, but food that ends up in landfill emits harmful methane.

Composting is top dog, but if you are not there yet, the good news is there are steps we can all take to minimise our food waste.

Meal planning so that we buy less and consume what we do buy is a good place to start, and hacks like freezing a few or more slices of bread as soon as we buy it are helpful too.

But anyone lucky enough to have a pooch in the household can slash food waste and give doggo a healthy diet to boot.

Leftover egg, meat, and cooked veggies like carrots and peas can go straight into doggo's bowl.
And you know that natural yoghurt pot that’s a total pain to clean out for the recycling? Give it to your furry favourite for a distracting toy and healthy snack to lick, leaving a perfectly clean pot ready for collection and the best chance of reincarnation (remember Gazillion's dream in our last blog).


This month we’re going bananas for Fruitleather Rotterdam, the company making a leather-like material out of leftover fruits. Their vegan leather, made from mangoes, is durable and is used to make shoes, bags and even furniture. Wonder what it tastes like?! 


That's all for this month, I'm off to chase the weatherman!

See you in September.

Howling out,

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