New Year, New Tricks ūü™Ą And, why your feline makes a beeline for boxes

New Year's resolutions are all the rage this time of year. 

Bad habits to change, messiness to tidy, breaks to mend, wrongs to right, problems to solve and new beginnings to create.

Considering the habits, problems, messiness, breaks, and wrongs of the world, isn't a New World resolution needed?

If it were up to us hounds, we'd call a Pooches Assembly and plan it. 

Everyone would be invited to the table to lay out their grand plans for this new world. 

The bejewelled super-rich pups jet-setting between residences, the working-class dogs herding sheep on the farm, the puppies destined to live in a cage and breed, the abused and neglected dogs, the dogs that never had the opportunity to make it out of the pound and live their best lives, the dogs born on the street and left to fend for themselves, the content canines that are loved family pets ‚Äď all breeds, types and backgrounds.¬†

But there'd be a few house rules; every participant is cloaked, so no one knows who they are, and no one knows who they'll be in the new world they create.  

Picture this:

Elana, the super-rich Shiba Inu, arrives at the Pooches Assembly demanding puppy farms feature in the new world order. 

She claims this will grow the population which is critical (coincidentally, this will drive canine consumerism); technology will find a way to feed them, she says, and there's no need to consider other minor (and moral) details.  

Jet, the endless energy street dog, digs up Rule No. 1 and barks it to Elana:

"Your current breed, status, type, and background do not carry over to your status in the new world order.

Each participant will draw a lottery ticket; this will dictate who you'll be in the new world."

Elana draws her lottery ticket.  It states she will be one of those puppies born to breed on a puppy farm, treated as a commodity, birthing puppies over and over and over again, making money for others until she dies from a miserable life of hopelessness.

Elana smirks, thinking she knows how to manage this situation.   

But Jet, the street dog, is onto her.  He woofs out Rule no 2:

"No bribes. The lottery cannot be rigged.  Money, power, or swindling cannot sway your ticket"

That's the way the (dog) cookie crumbles in the new world.

Elana might rethink her puppy farm demand.

Are cloaks the trick needed to create a fairer world for all?

It gives a twist to being in it to win it. 


Most people know that cats love boxes (and squares).  If you didn't know, what box have you been living in?!

Oh, and we can catch you up here.

So, cats are drawn to the safety and security of small spaces, and it appears it doesn't matter if that space is imaginary. 

Some citizen scientists have discovered that placing 4 pacman shapes on the floor to indicate the corners of a square might be all your kitty needs for her imagination to fill in the blanks.

An #ifitfitsisit 2.0 viral explosion might be on the horizon.   


  • Pooches¬†spruiking wellness¬†{link}
  • This little kitty knows your name¬†{link}
  • Goats get a go at wildfire prevention¬†{link}¬†


'Andre, there is some wild weather happening these days.  My pup Sally loves water, but I don't think she would cope very well in a flood. What can I do to prepare us for an emergency weather situation?' 

Thoughtful question, Ricky. You don’t want to be chasing your tail in an emergency; you want a plan of attack to keep you and your pup as safe as possible.

And that‚Äôs exactly where to start ‚Äď a plan. Consider the scenarios that could play out if your area is prone to flooding, understand the exit points and pathways from your residence and the local evacuation protocols, and find destinations nearby where you and your pup could take refuge.¬†

This goes for any emergency.

Pack a survival bag and store it in an easy-to-grab location, along with a pet carrier if needed. 

Your bag should contain an ID booklet (your pet’s details, photo, vet details, contact details, and medication details), a leash/collar, treats or a toy for comfort, water, first aid supplies, blankets, etc.

Practice your plan with your puppy regularly, so if the time ever comes, it is not surprising to either of you and you can execute your plan smoothly.  

This will also help you understand any pinch points. Say your pup is not used to using the door you will exit from in an emergency and needs to be made comfortable via a few practice runs.

Regardless of emergencies, ensure your pet is up to date with vaccinations, is microchipped, and your details are current on the registration.

You and Sally will be in it together, so the more you are prepared, the better.


Speaking of cats and boxes, HeapsGood has a bunch as part of their sustainable packaging options (boxes, not cats!).

Giving customers the opportunity to refuse single-use plastic packaging and opt for more eco-centric ways to package their goods, HeapsGood is Australian-owned and operated, and at the time of writing this, I am unsure if they have a resident kitty or few to test their boxes before dispatch.

Kitty or not, they are purr-worthy, and you can see their range here.      


That's all for this month, I'm off to find a cat in a box!

See you next time.

Howling out, 



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