A new Santa Claus is coming to town 🛷 And, do dogs make good gifts?



T'was the night before Christmas when all over the globe,

All lights were set to energy-save mode.

The stockings were hung, all neatly in a row,

To be filled by Santa, nobody could know.

Santa had taken leave to rethink and reinvent,

To consider his journey to green from red.

Rudolph's red nose signals high alert,

Much help and change needed to save precious earth.

Santa had starred in this world of the consumer obsessed,

His sleigh of shiny new toys had fuelled the contest.

Decorations bloating the streets and stores,

All part of the marketing ploy to buy more.

Humans are driven to want much more than they need,

Causing presents to belittle presence in this world of greed.

But Santa plans to go circular and change his ways,

His elves to work less and earn a fair wage,

Repair and regift will be the name of the game,

He knows this is smart and bears no shame.

Zero waste will feature in his new game plan,

Planned obsolescence will get a blanket ban.

Soon he will unveil his new self,

Supported by his 2IC green elf.

Together they'll stand for a reimagined future,

And play a starring role in reshaping our culture.

In the spirit of anticipation of his big reveal,

Let's make the 'Merry' and the 'Happy' this Christmas real.

Reimagine, reduce, regift and recycle,

Join the movement in humanity's pledge for survival.

Let Christmas be about sharing, not the giving of stuff,

Because, as we all know, that stuff piles up.

It entertains for a moment before losing its shine,

As we move on to the next thing and leave it behind.

But nothing left behind simply disappears,

Instead, it hangs around to greet our kids, kids in future years,

But by then, it is trash, ruined or rotting,

Worthless because humans moved on and have forgotten.

Santa will no longer glorify this way of life,

Instead, he will work to make things right.

Nothing to be thrown away, wasted or discarded,

Everything is to be collected with no item disregarded.

It will all be reworked back at Santa Claus Inc.

By the elves who have set out to reimagine and rethink.

They all know our status quo only persists,

Because we're told it's the only way to exist.

But this is not true; it's only a fable,

Served to distract, disarm and disable.

If we choose to embrace Santa's new way with glory,

We usher in a new era and kickstart a new story.


The toy industry is the most plastic-intensive industry in the world. A whopping 90% of toys currently on the market are made of plastic.

Many toys are also full of toxic chemicals that end up in children’s bodies and landfill. 

And disturbingly, the production of toys is linked to child labour, sweatshops and modern-day slavery. There is nothing Merry about that!

But you can help to reduce demand for the toxic stuff by looking for sustainable, fair trade products made without harmful chemicals in decent working conditions.

The good folk at Sustained Fun champion sustainable toys and can throw you some handy tips.  

Santa’s green elves will thank you for it.


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'Andre, I'm thinking about getting my kids their first puppy for Christmas. I want them to learn how to care for a pet. Any hints on the best way to do this?'

I get this question often, and no bones about it, if you visit your local pound come January, you'll be greeted by the faces of many 'Christmas presents.'

I get it. We've all seen those picture-perfect moments of a designer doggie wrapped in a bow on Christmas morning, running in slow motion toward a family full of smiles.

Dogs can bring a family so much joy but not every family is cut out for it. Fifteen-plus years of care with walks, muddy feet, sick on the carpet, vet bills and the trials and tribulations of toilet training take time, effort and perseverance.

And unlike that awful pair of slippers from a distant aunty, dogs can't be regifted or hidden under the bed.

Christmas can be busy and stressful, with little time for routine or structure. Adding an excited and nervous new puppy into the mix may not offer them or you the best start in your new life together.

I suggest holding out a little longer. If you get through Christmas and still want a dog, and you've thought about it, then that's a better time to do it than getting wrapped up in the shininess of a Christmas puppy.


Word on the snow is that Santa Inc. has taken a few tips from Whirli. 

Whirli is a toy subscription service with a toy library for kids 0-8 years, and Santa's green elves are big fans.

Their 'Green Christmas Guide 2021' is evergreen, applicable to this Christmas and next, and their follow-up report on toy neglect in the UK is staggering.

Owning toys is soooo last Christmas!


That's all for this month.  I'm off to paw a letter to the new Green Santa.

See you in the new year!

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