A Bubble For Your Thoughts? 🤔 Plus, what is your dog trying to tell you?

Every Saturday morning, I catch bubbles. You know, the ones where human kiddies get a bottle of liquid, dip a wand in it, blow it, and send bubbles gushing into the air.

They laugh and giggle when the bubbles burst on my nose, or I chase and catch them in my mouth.

We have fun, and it entertains us for hours sometimes. But the bubbles don't taste so good, and I've no idea where the ones I miss end up.

Some pop on the blades of grass, others float over the backyard fence, and some seem to climb to the sky. 

This got me thinking….

What if these bubbles were found to contaminate the air they popped in?

The way I see it, I would say 1 thing:

  • Stop blowing bubbles! Or, at the very least, drastically reduce your bubble-blowing.

The way I see humans would see it, they'd say 1 or more of the following things:

  • Carry on. It will work itself out. Besides, some dude on the internet says there is insufficient evidence the bubbles are causing the damage. It's probably a natural phenomenon that also occurred in the dinosaur era; it could even be the wind's fault. Blow more bubbles!


  • Replace the liquid with another substance with alternate damaging properties that are not immediately obvious. Release it in a new green bottle with a badge that states 'New, Improved Formula' and 'Planet and People Friendly'. Blow more bubbles!


  • Rely on a bunch of investment-funded start-ups to use precious resources to create an elaborate scheme that captures the bubble particles once they pop, processes the particles to strip them of their toxic elements, transport the particles far and wide to huge storage facilities where they stay in sealed, temperature-controlled vats until they can be transported far and wide to the location of their new purpose. Blow more bubbles!


  • Blow the bubbles into your neighbours' property. Blow more bubbles!


  • Tell the world you plan to reduce the amount of bubble blowing in the far, far, far future. This buys time, allows a high degree of virtue signalling, distracts everyone, and passes the problem onto future generations. Blow more bubbles!

Sounds a little carbon emission'ish, doesn't it? 

If only the world were a petocracy. Pets would see the forest for the trees and enact my option.  No bones about it.


  • Taking life one tree at a time {link}
  • If humans exited and only animals were left {link}
  • Don’t be stupid! {link}



By creating air bubbles on their snouts, anole lizards can breathe underwater.  
While dogs may bark when scared, these lizards dive underwater when they feel threatened and can stay under for up to 20 minutes.
Now that takes blowing bubbles to another level!


'Andre, my dog Cora barks a lot.  If there was a thought bubble above her head every time she barked, what would it say?' 

Now that's a thoughtful question.

Dogs bark as a form of communication, and whilst you may not know exactly what we dogs are thinking, if you listen carefully, you can distinguish the difference in tone, pitch, and rhythm between your pups' bark.

Your favourite companion barks to get your attention, play, warn you, or ask you for something. And studies have shown that just like humans, dogs also experience a range of emotions. And you guessed it; we bark to show them!

So when Cora barks, listen out for the sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle difference in sound and situation - and before long, you may just be able to imagine the contents of that thought bubble above her head.



Bubbles the piglet was rescued from dodging traffic on a busy rural highway and taken to Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary in 2018.

This little piggy was likely on her way to market but instead got the chance to make her home at the sanctuary, where she was given the chance to show the world her gentle, sassy, and curious nature.

With a vision for a world where humans embrace and practice compassion and respect for all species, Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary is on a mission to protect farmed animals from cruelty and abuse and inspire change in the way society views and treats farmed animals.

Oink to that!


That's all for this month.  I'm off to bark up some thought bubbles!! 

See you in July.

Howling out,

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